Single On Facebook? So Is The Entire World…

Good news, you depressed, lovelorn, forever-single denizens of Facebook: You are not alone. (Well, you might be alone, but you aren't actually solo in your loneliness.) According to Facebook, which tracked the list of status changes for the year 2012, shockingly, more people broke up than got together. By, like, a whopping 10 percent. While 40 percent of Facebook users changed their relationship status to single in 2012, only 29.2% changed their status to "in a relationship." Which means most of y'all are breakin' up, not makin' up.
On the other hand, a more heartening piece of data is that 7.6 percent of users announced that they'd gotten married, while only .6 percent changed their relationship status to "divorced." We're thinking that's at least partially due to the fact that 2012 saw a heavy increase in loving, committed couples who were finally allowed to marry.

Photo: Illustrated by Gabriela Alford/Courtesy of Facebook

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