Lindsay Lohan Should Take Lessons From Porn Star James Deen

Stephen Rodrick's revealing New York Times profile on Lindsay Lohan (aptly named How To Catch A Falling Star, an absolute must-read) has made waves in the industry and around the nation over the last two weeks. It's a roller-coaster tale featuring a few high, hopeful peaks and many, many cringe-worthy valleys. The recurring lows center around her notorious partying and ill-tempered ways, which repeatedly threaten to blow up the delicate balance that has been tentatively struck between the actress, her director, and her cast mates on the set of
The Canyons
. Now James Deen, legendary porn star and Lohan's co-star in the film, is adding his opinion to the LiLo media firestorm with the following statement:

“She has a unique way of communicating. She’s a child star who’s been living in this fame world being chased by paparazzi. I tried to consider that in every interaction with her, so when she speaks, what could be construed as an insult by some was not necessarily intended to be an insult. It was just her communicating her interpretation of the scene … People treat actors like these fragile, delicate creatures, and you’ve got to remember that for the past 10 years, Lindsay could not go to Starbucks. She was raised in the Hollywood system, so she’s used to a certain level of treatment. Instead of saying, ‘Excuse me, could you please pass me the water?’ She’s used to saying, ‘I need water,’ and then someone just giving her water. She’s been conditioned to say what she needs and then someone will bring it to her, so I can see why people would consider her to be a train wreck or a bitch or whatever, but her intentions are fine.”
This guy knows what he's talking about, clearly. Despite being a star himself (and one who's achieved more mainstream fame than most adult film actors, perhaps because of his well-chosen stage name), he seems to be more removed from the industry, with a better understanding of Hollywood than most seasoned vets. Actually, everything about the profile made us sweet on him — he was reportedly incredibly polite and respectful, and always on time (unlike some people). Maybe it's because he's worked on literally thousands of "films," but this guy could quite possibly be the elusive unicorn that is a well-adjusted celebrity.
Unfortunately, he's right about Lindsay. Regardless of how you felt about her before, after reading this profile you'll probably have nothing but a confused, aching sympathy for someone who's clearly suffered in the name of the box office and the newsstand — and continues to do so. It's the first time Lindsay's ever been treated like a human being by a reporter, and the result is harrowing, even for those who don't get wrapped up in celebrities and tabloid drama. (The Frisky)

Photo: Courtesy of Canyons Production Co.

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