Watch: Jennifer Lawrence Adorably Denies Large Butt Allegations

Our love for Jennifer Lawrence continues to snowball out of all proportion. Not only did she pop up in our browsers today with her own series of Saturday Night Live promos (check the barrage of cuteness here), but, last night, Lawrence hit David Letterman's Late Show to clarify the record regarding her supposed bulbous posterior. Specifically, she took issue with a rather unflattering image she found in a "trashy magazine" (one of the actor's admitted guilty pleasures) that purported to show her backside. Lawrence, who brings up the subject on her own accord, goes on to claim that the image was digitally manipulated (something that, if true, would be one of the few instances we've ever heard of a publication making a butt bigger with Photoshop). Indeed, that could be her unaltered butt for all we know (though it probably isn't). The important thing here is the way she sticks up for herself without apology (noting that there are plenty of real flaws she actually has), and see why she continues to collect more real estate in our hearts. Big butt or no, JLaw, we're yours.

Video: Courtesy of CBS

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