Why Lady Gaga Restoring MJ’s Neverland Ranch Makes Perfect Sense

If those ventures as a filmmaker, handbag muse, and perfumer don't pan out as planned, Lady Gaga could also give real estate a go. Because, let's be real — when Mother Monster is on the hunt for a new nest, not any pad will do. So, where does the Born This Way singer settle down? Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch, naturally!
As La Toya Jackson's BFF (who knew?), Gaga is well aware of the famous fam's financial struggles. By putting a deposit down on the amusement-park-slash-zoo, she'd help Paris, Prince Michael, and Michael Joseph hold onto their childhood home. She'd not only do the celeb spawn a solid, but, according to The Sun, she also has her sights set on a renovation, returning the grounds to their originally glory.
Well, when you're already the proud owner of over 50 items from the King of Pop's personal collection, the addition of an ultra-expensive estate is no biggie, right? (The Sun)
Photo: Via The Sun

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