Is Kate Moss Really Simon Cowell's Newest Recruit?

Kate Moss is officially having a renaissance. The supe seems to have bagged every spring '13 campaign under the sun. And now? Simon Cowell wants to get his grubby mits on her, too. The X Factor boss is rumoured to have La Moss in his sights as style consultant for the 2013 season of the series, according to reports in the Mirror. A mole says that Cowell is "looking at ways of refreshing the show and one idea he will bring to the table is getting Kate Moss on board."
The insider continues: "He knows how important the styling of the contestants is and having a supermodel and a world-famous name on board would certainly raise the bar. Kate could give the contestants advice and ideas on how they want to look and also how to look after themselves and still look great in the years ahead." They have a point. And Kate's love of karaoke is legendary.
But, while Moss has made millions voguing in front of the camera, the famously interview-shy Croydoner normally keeps things zipped — so we're struggling to imagine her dressing down X Factor hopefuls' fashion sense on live television.
Still, if Cowell can persuade the model to open her trap and start motor-mouthing contestants (with particular reference to the inexplicable proliferation of onesies on the show), it will definitely make Saturday night TV worth staying in for.

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