NYC Mayor Bloomberg Demands Concrete Action On Gun Control

Mayor Bloomberg announced today his support of an initiative called Demand A Plan, aimed at implementing stricter gun control laws as fast as possible. It's a call we've heard many times before, after the all-too-common mass shootings that have taken place across the country this year and in years past, but this is one of the most powerful responses we've seen yet.
Bloomberg previously founded the group Mayors Against Illegal Guns. In a speech today, he also voiced fervent support for the Fix Gun Checks Act — pending legislation in Congress that would close loopholes in current laws and require stricter background checks on the sale of any firearms.
Though his words were definitive and powerful, the videos Mayor Bloomberg showed at the end of his remarks were perhaps more so: In addition to naming an overwhelming number of victims of gun violence in the last year, the press conference also included video interviews with survivors and victims' families.
See the videos and sign the petition here.

Photo: Spencer T. Tucker/NYC Mayor’s Office.