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Man Hands Out Free Money In SI, Is World’s Nicest Man

With the devastating aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, everyone has been joining the effort to provide support and relief to those affected. No single individual has been so surprising with his benevolence, however, as the self-described “Secret Santa” who roamed the streets of New Jersey and Staten Island forcing $100 bills into the hands of strangers last week.
Yes, you read that sentence correctly.
Surrounded by an entourage of elves cops, an anonymous Missourian brought some Kansas City kindness to New York as he handed out cash to people in need at food pantries and Salvation Army stores. Apparently, this seemingly unique act is actually one in a long line of similar gestures. The original Secret Santa, Larry Stewart, was known for his holiday generosity in Kansas City. After Stewart passed away in 2007, our new friend decided to carry on the tradition, even extending his reach to the east coast.
Somewhat crazy or super inspiring? Either way, there's no doubt this guy is pretty wonderful. (NYMag)
Photo: Courtesy of Nadine Hill