What Exactly Does An Editor Do, Anyway? Vogue's New Documentary Explains

It's no secret that the plebes of the world love to get a peek behind the pages of Vogue (and we count ourselves among that group, big-time). Anna Wintour was gracious enough to give us that chance in The September Issue, and now it's happening again — but this time the focus is on the styling and creative direction that goes into those high-gloss photo shoots.
HBO's In Vogue: The Editor's Eye features a roster chock full of fashion giants, from Grace Coddington to Camilla Nickerson and more. In addition to highlighting some of the magazine's best editors and the historic images they created, this promises to be an inside look at an incredibly hard-working, but largely under-the-radar slice of the industry — the stylists, creative directors, and their assistants who work round-the-clock to create a perfect final product, while simultaneously juggling demands coming a mile a minute from all angles and somehow tend to go unmentioned all too often when the time for applause rolls around. We of all people know that ain't right, so we can't wait for it to change, starting with this intriguing documentary.
Stay tuned on Vogue over the next few weeks for short previews of the film, which premieres on HBO December 6. Plus, get a sneak peek at the work of these famous visionaries in the coffee-table book.
Photo/Video: Courtesy of Vogue.

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