Lady Gaga Dedicates A Moving A Capella Performance To Her Flooded Hometown

There are two inarguable facts about Lady Gaga: She is a stalwart believer in personal expression as art and she adores nothing more than her hometown. Understandably, the last few days have been pretty rough on the pop star, who is currently on her massive "Born This Way" tour, and has said that, while she wants to be home with her "friends in the dark", she doesn't want to let her own fans down. So, she's been carrying on.
But on Saturday, while she was in Costa Rica, Gaga sang her hit "Marry The Night", but with a serious emotional undertone. The song, normally an upbeat dance tune, was presented a capella, with Gaga giving it her all over the occasional subtle strings. When she posted the song, she tweeted a message along with it:
Okay, okay, that's moving. But not as moving as her tweet a few minutes prior, when she pointed out a rarely heard piano balled from an early tape called "No Floods." A tune about the city and staying strong... prophetically written by a 16-year-old Gaga.

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