Note To American Men: Emma Watson Dislikes Your Flip-Flops

There's no doubt about it: Emma Watson is a catch. She's beautiful, funny, stylish, and already well on her way to an impressive career — heck, we're pretty much in love with her. So, it's no surprise that she found a number of eager suitors during her first days as a student at Brown. What does come as a surprise? Apparently, she's used to being ignored by British men. But, don't worry — it's not her fault. According to Watson, that's just their style.
Emma told Ellen DeGeneres that while British boys are well-dressed, they're extremely shy. We're thinking that might have something to do with the fact that she's, um, a mega celebrity? But shyness is nothing compared to that well-documented fault of American men: flip-flops. While Watson appreciates our boys' forward nature, she might have to stick with a stuffy Brit due to an allergy to America's favorite sandal. We can't blame her. (Just Jared)
Watch the video for yourself and try, just try, not to fall in love with her. If you fail — and you will — just be aware that when you ask her out on a date, you'd better invest in a nice, sensible pair of loafers.

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