Dude, Where’s My Socks? Well, There’s An App For That

Now, here's a tech trick that hopes to get to the bottom of a real issue — the age-old conundrum of where the heck did that extra sock go? and did it even exist in the first place? Well, now there's an app for that.
BLACKSOCKS, a Swiss luxury sock company, developed a free app that helps users sort, match, and, if needed, replace their socks. A wireless device scans each sock, matches it to its pair using a chip embedded in the fabric, and determines whether it's for the right or left foot.
“Socks wash out after a while. If customers have several socks from us washed out in different degrees, we thought we should help them sort socks more precisely,” said BLACKSOCKS CEO Samy Liechti. This, people, is real progress.
The app is apparently foolproof. According to Liechti, 2,000 pairs of BLACKSOCKS were tested on the app. Luckily, you’ll never have to suffer from missing sock syndrome again...as long as you only buy BLACKSOCKS from here on out. Maybe once you’ve matched your socks, you can then find your way home with the click of your heels. (Reuters)
Image via iTunes

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