So...These Are Creepy: Covers To Protect Your Wet Nails

Ok, we don't quite know how we feel about these weird fingernail covers. Do we love them? Do we hate them? Are they freaking us out, or are they the coolest things we've ever seen? According to Nails In Motion – the company behind them – they're meant to protect your fresh mani against nicks and smudges while opening your car, putting your jacket on and digging through your purse for the keys you might need to get into said car. Seriously.
And hey, we've definitely been known to smudge a manicure or two because we've been in a mad rush. So...we suppose it's nice knowing that for the low, low price of $24.99, the option is out there, to protect them. Now, if only there were a contraption to blow-dry and curl our hair for us, too. Hmm. (She Finds) fingercovers

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