Watch: SJP Takes A Turn As Anna Vogue Editrix On Glee

This Thursday marks the kickoff of Sarah Jessica Parker's multi-episode arc on Glee, but Fox is giving us a little hump day treat with a sneak peek clip. SJP will be playing an Anna Wintour-like character (with costume help from none other than Ms. Anna herself), who hires Chris Colfer's Kurt as an intern. Although, in our humble opinion, Parker's Klempt seems to be much more friendly than her infamous inspiration.
While it remains to be seen whether SJP will be joining in on the show's musical numbers, a cryptic tweet from Lea Michele suggests that our Glee dreams just might come true. Either way, we can safely say that the show's fashion sense will be graduating from the high school cardigans of previous seasons. Watch the clip below, and set your DVR now. (Huffington Post)
Photo: Via Huffington Post

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