Cathy Horyn’s Boyfriend Tells Gaga To “Grow Up”

Cathy Horyn's words can cut as deep as a blade, but who knew that her boyfriend, Liz Claiborne's Art Ortenberg, could match her acerbity. Writing into WWD (no full-page ads in this case) about the whole Cathy Horyn/Oscar de la Renta/Lady Gaga business (Don't know what we're talking about? Familiarize yourself with the situation, here), Art wrote in:
"True, Cathy Horyn is my girlfriend. Nevertheless, I feel it necessary to cudgel Gaga for her badly informed, dumbing-down opinion that an uninformed opinion is as valid as that of a seasoned critic — as though Gaga and Bridget Foley of WWD, or David Denby of The New Yorker, or Ben Brantley of The New York Times, or Brooks Atkinson, or Pauline Kael, or any professional critic is just another opinion, and that Gaga’s vacuous thoughts deserve the same status. Grow up, Gaga.”
Not that Cathy needed anyone to fight her battles, but we think a one-two verbal punch from the Horyn-Ortenberg team could probably destroy any other pair — reducing the opposition to a sniveling mess in a corner, clutching their hot dogs and Twitter devices. (WWD)

Photo: Patrick McMullan


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