Low Blow: Magazine Fakes Kate Middleton’s Baby Bump

Sure, the speculation about a royal baby is already running rampant (we are on BabyWatch 2012), but there's been no real evidence yet. That didn't stop Star magazine from photoshopping a baby bump on the duchess for a seriously salacious cover. "Baby bump" might actually be an understatement — the mag added enough to make the uninformed reader believe the rumor beyond a shadow of a doubt.
Audacious rumor-mongering from a tabloid is hardly surprising, but this is unprecedented — unless Star knows something we don't, and even in that case, the original image looks nothing like the cover. The royal couple will probably have a baby eventually, and they own't be able to hide it forever, so why not just wait for the news to happen instead of jumping the gun with an easily debunked, totally outrageous Photoshop job? Check out the original on The Huffington Post to see a pretty egregious image altering job. Even the most jaded gossip addicts will be surprised by this low blow. (Huffington Post)

Photo: Courtesy of Star Magazine/via The Huffington Post.


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