Watch: A Dancing Kate Middleton Makes Us Giddy

At Refinery29, we have tried hard not to cover a certain scandal about a certain duchess because of how invasive and sad it felt to us. (Playing pool naked while drunk in Vegas is funny, an amateur mistake, and ripe for memes. Having a private vacation with your husband and being spied upon feels like a major violation. Maybe we are splitting hairs, but alas...)
So, when this video of a glowing, on-the-verge-of-a-big-grin Kate Middleton giving a traditional Polynesian dance her all surfaced, it's hard not to imagine thousands of warm fuzzies heading Kate's way. The duchess arrived on the island of Tuvalu and was carried off the plane (a tradition), and then quickly put on ceremonial garb and tried her darndest to follow along with the welcoming ceremony. She does a little bit of the "Rollin' With My Homies" and a touch of patty cake, shaking her grass skirt and looking delighted (despite the hundreds of eyes upon her).
Will, on the other hand, didn't tackle the moves with as much grace, but to his credit, he tried. (The result felt like a cross between a rave dance and some sort of football cheer.) The entire event appeared as a spontaneous, joyful celebration with a glowing couple at the center. So, paparazzi, bug off...these are the glimpses of the royal couple we like best. (HuffPost)

Photo: Via Huffington Post

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