Blake Lively And Ryan Reynolds Honeymooned In...Virginia?

Oh, snap! After Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds tied the knot last week in South Carolina, they didn't head to the French Riviera or Bali. Nope — they capped off their honeymoon with a Saturday night stay at the Inn at Little Washington, one of the DMV's swankiest spots for high-rolling R&R-seekers.
The Washington Post's gossip column reports that hotel guests left the newlyweds alone during their romantic late dinner, but paparazzi were waiting on Sunday as Lively headed back to the Gossip Girl set. We know, we know, people are already placing bets on how long this star-studded affair will last — but at least now we can say "Virginia Is for A-List Lovers," right? (The Reliable Source)
Photo: Via The Reliable Source

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