The Backstreet Boys Spill On “Sucky” Fashion, Parachute Pants, & Yes, A New Album

We'll admit there was a time when the names Brian, Nick, A.J., Kevin, and Howie were deeply committed to our memories — we had the posters, CDs, and T-shirts to prove it. Sure, we've gotten older, they've gotten older, and we don't even remember the last time we played a CD, but we still have a soft spot for the Backstreet Boys (as well as, a shockingly accurate memory of pretty much all of their lyrics).
Naturally, we kept our inner 13-year-olds at bay and played it cool when we met up with all five members of BSB this past week at the Old Navy Fit For Fall concert. Distracted (but only slightly) by A.J.'s neon-yellow mani and the shocking white sheen of their Nikes, the men Boys divulged all their fashion regrets, the haircuts they won't be trying again, and, because "Backstreet's back" is practically their battle cry, when we can expect a new album.

Looking back at all the outfits you've ever worn on stage, what are some of your regrets?

Brian: "We wore some sucky crap!"
Kevin: "Tommy Hilfiger overalls that were bright blue and bright white..."
A.J.: "They weren't Tommy Hilfiger, though."
Kevin: "They were supposed to be Tommy Hilfiger overalls, they were made out of parachute-pant material. Those were pretty crazy looking. They were knock-offs that were supposed to be Tommy Hilfiger."
A.J.: "They were Tommy with one M. Tomy."
Nick: "This was horrible.The same thing, overalls as well, but they were actual leather. They were't patent leather; they were leather. And we wore them while we were over in Japan. They were the hottest things. So, as far as any malfunctions or the worst thing to wear, it was complete leather on stage. It was a bad idea."
Howie: "We used to wear clothes that were like three sizes too big for us, always."

We asked our readers for Qs, and Nick, everyone wanted to know: What would it take to make you bring back the bowl cut?
Nick: "Honestly, I tried growing my hair out on the NKOTBSB tour, and I just looked like a really busted version of David Guetta. I just think the long hair is not working for me anymore."

What about today's boy bands? Do you take sides on the One Direction/The Wanted debate?

A.J.: "I like them both. I think they're all really talented. They all have really great pop songs. It's just nice to hear good pop music on the radio again and not just the same old five songs on repeat. And next year you'll be hearing Backstreet songs, so there you go."

Oh? When does the next album come out?
Kevin: "We're in the studio now. We're going to try to finish it up this year and the first thing next year, we'll have it ready."

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