Pigs Don’t Have Fun At Betsey Johnson

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Betsey Johnson's 70th birthday party proved age is just a number. Friend and fellow icon Cyndi Lauper sang her famous "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun," as Johnson busted out her signature cartwheel move. Even Johnson's daughter, Lulu, popped out of a birthday cake. But, is there such a thing as too much fun? It came close the instant a model walked onto the runway with the strangest accessory yet: a baby pig.
While the septuagenarian must have thought of the piglet as a mere cute act of whimsy, we find ourselves very worried. With all the flashing lights, loud music, and general chaos of a fashion show, this piglet couldn't have been further from its natural environment. In recent photos of the runway, the piglet definitely looks stunned, not starstruck.
The American Humane Society requires all animals used for film or entertainment be handled according to strict guidelines. Only if the animal in question is trained and sociable are they then allowed to perform. The animal must also have easy access to water, shade, shelter, and their knowledgeable handler. For the piglet's — and the designer's — sake, we hope none of these rules were broken in the making of this bash.
We do applaud Johnson for her free-spirited and youthful nature, but perhaps she should have thought twice about this gimmick. We're all for partying, but that little guy might have been up past his bedtime.

Photo: Courtesy of Betsey Johnson/Julian Mackler/BFANYC.

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