Resolved: Nicki Minaj Isn't Actually Voting For Mitt Romney

In case you missed it last week: Nicki Minaj rapped on "Mercy," a track from Lil Wayne's Dedication 4, that she's "a Republican voting for Mitt Romney." Eyebrows raised, and the blogiverse started to wonder whether rap's Queen of Quirk could actually be considering joining the GOP.
But, while the performer has been tight-lipped about the whole thing, the POTUS himself addressed it yesterday on a radio show in Orlando: "I'm not sure that's actually what happened...I think she had a song on there, a little rap that said that. But she likes to play different characters. So I don't know what's going on there."
Soon after, Nicki tweeted to confirm Obama's doubts: "Ha! Thank you for understanding my creative humor & sarcasm Mr. President, the smart ones always do... *sends love & support.*"
And then, later, a little more adulation: "Awesome! Now I can tell my grandchildren that the 1st black President of the United States took the time to address a Nicki Minaj question." The takeaway: Obama is aware of Nicki Minaj's alter egos (pop-culture cred!), and Nicki Minaj loves a good mixed message. Case closed. (Hollywood Reporter, Nicki Minaj Twitter)
Photo: Via Hollywood Reporter

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