New Bestie Alert! Kristen Stewart + Jennifer Lawrence = Fast Friends

As if dealing with a nasty breakup wasn't brutal enough, K. Stew had to buck up and hit the red carpet post-split for a lengthy promo tour. Rather than hibernate like any normal twentysomething who's heartbroken, the Twilight star was forced to head North for the premiere of her latest flick, On The Road at the Toronto Film Festival. It's obvious that the time away from L.A. did a girlfriend good — she not only looked stunning at the event, but she's walking away with a new BFF.
In what may be the most unlikely pairing since Carine Roitfeld and Kate Upton, Stewart has befriended none other than Jennifer Lawrence, star of The Hunger Games. Due to their battling box-office blockbusters, the pair were previously labeled as long-standing rivals. But, the girls were apparently "geeking out about each other" at a recent run-in, which lead to a personal invite from Lawrence to an after-party at the brand-new Canadian Soho House outpost.
While no friendship bracelet swapping was reported, we totally predict these two being the next Jennifer Aniston and Courtney Cox — A-list chums with zero Bella versus Katniss scenarios in the foreseeable future! (Us Weekly)
Photo: Via Us Weekly

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