Cluster-You-Know-What: Lena Dunham Is Dating Rachel Antonoff's Brother

Man or woman, human or dog, all of us in this office are pretty much obsessed with Lena Dunham. So, it goes without saying that when we heard she's dating Jack Antonoff, guitarist for fun., we got a little jealous. Still are. Us Weekly started it all, and we confirmed with our very own super-secret, triple-reliable sources that this is indeed true. Antonoff — if you didn't already guess it — is also the beloved brother of one of our favorite designers, Rachel Antonoff.
So, breaking news: Everyone in Williamsburg is doin' it. Indie bands and breakout TV writers, designers, photographers, and models, hipsters dirty and clean alike. And that is totally okay with us. One question: can we get in on this orgy of cool people?
Image via Us Weekly.

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