Everybody Wins When Lena Dunham & HBO Use Booze To Bribe Partygoers

It couldn't have been scripted better: While filming the second season of Girls in South Williamsburg on Friday, Lena Dunham and her HBO filming crew ran into a bit of a conundrum. It appears that the rowdy, devil-may-care lifestyles of 20-something New Yorkers the show reasonably attempts to depict were, erm, getting in the way of the shoot. While Dunham tried to capture a scene on the street (spoiler alert: of her arguing with love interest Adam Driver), lo and behold, a bunch of youngsters were having a noisy party.
Ever-inventive, Dunham took to Twitter in hopes to calm down the revelers:
Her attempt at a peaceful reconciliation quickly evaporated when the rager kept raging, prompting Lena to respond:
Poor Lena. Can it be that she has officially become "The Man"? Was she hoping to ruin some fun so she could get her TV show shot? Hell no. In order to both please partygoers and get them to take their ruckus to another block, HBO opened up a tab at local bar Pedros Kitchen And Brew, where the birthday party (which Dunham learned was for a gal named Maria) got to stick it to HBO by driving up the network's Amex, and Lena got the quiet she so deserved.
Plying rowdy Brooklyners with free booze? Sounds like Lena is still keeping it real. She even capped off the night by wishing that all the attendees have "satisfying sexual encounters." Maria's party was thrilled, chanting "LEE-na! LEE-na!" all the way to the bar. Unfortunately, according to The Observer, the "Voice of our generation!" chant didn't catch on. (The Observer)

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