Finally, You Can Broadcast Your Politics Through… Body Lotion?

It's not even September yet, and already we've seen election-themed thongs and chinos — and that's not even counting the 2012 souvenirs being churned out by the campaigns themselves. Where will the Obama vs. Romney merchandising madness end, you ask? Apparently, not with clothes.
Bliss — the spa brand that has nearly cornered the market on cheeky product names — has launched the "2012 'eau'lection collection," a line of two lotions tied to the current campaign. You can opt for the "'O'bama," an orange-scented formula, or the minty-fresh concoction that is the "'Mint' Romney." Sadly, you can't just scoop these babies outright; you can only pick your potion after spending $50 on other Bliss products online or at the W Hotel Bliss outpost (515 15th Street NW, 202-661-2416). How's that for clever and capitalistic? (The Gloss)

Photo: Courtesy of Bliss