Are You Over Choupette? Karl Doesn’t Care

If you don't want to spend countless hours reading about Choupette and cooing over pictures of her pretty face, then you're obviously some kind of heartless sociopath and you should just disregard this article and stop reading. Immediately.
Sorry, sorry, we got a little upset – we're just on edge because Choupette was ill last night (Karl assures us she's better now). That's just one intimate tidbit we found out about the world's fanciest cat in this extensive interview with the Kaiser in the September issue of Harper's Bazaar.
We also now know that she has her nails done by a doctor (shoulda guessed), and that she simply won't allow Karl to write letters. We strongly encourage you to check out the full interview — so worth it. And oddly enough, this is probably the most normal Karl has ever sounded – despite the fact that he's talking about a small, fluffy kitten as if it were a spoiled child.

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