Kate Upton As You Rarely See Her (i.e. Looking Fancy)

At first, Kate Upton just appeared to be a Playboy model who was suddenly experiencing her 15 minutes of fame. Then, she seemed like the all-American answer to the more European-looking models like Freja, Nadja, and Daria — cheery, bouncing, and ready to dance. Then, Kate Upton v. 3 was, perhaps, her (as our L.A. editor puts it) sex-on-a-stick iteration, where even haters who didn't get the model's curvy figure were silenced by her fans.
But now, we've got a new Kate, one we don't get to see very often: A Kate Upton that resembles a true high-fashion model. Sure, she's got the approval from Anna Wintour, but these pics of Upton in dramatic light, with slick-backed hair, and looking truly fashion forward, certainly prove she is more than just a Playboy model. See what we mean after the jump.

Photo: Courtesy of Interview Russia.

Kate channels Marilyn (above) and somehow manages to make the ol' touch your elbows trick look classy.
Photo: Courtesy of Interview Russia.

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