We’re Not Surprised Lady Gaga’s Making Her Big-Screen Debut With This Director

She's been a jailbird. She's designed a perfume. She's even got a Little Monsters social network. But, one of the things Lady Gaga has not dabbled in has been the celluloid world — until now.
While Robert Rodriguez (of exploitation film fame, like Planet Terror and Sin City) has been working on Machete Kills (the sequel to Machete) fairly openly, the director just tweeted that working with Gaga "kicked SO MUCH ASS!" Along with his quote, he featured a super-glam, B-movie style Gaga wearing a very un-PETA-friendly fox fur. Rodriguez has been known for casting strange options (Lindsay Lohan as a nun, for one), but Gaga's character, La Chameléon, hasn't been listed in the production notes. (Interestingly enough though, El Chameléon has, and the character is played by Cuba Gooding Jr. It's okay. We get the two confused a lot, too.) Other stars include Sofía Vergara, Jessica Alba, and a whole slew of scandal-saturated stars, like Charlie Sheen, Mel Gibson, and Michelle Rodriguez.
After her very Rodriguez-esque "Telephone" video (which payed homage to Kill Bill with the "Pussy Wagon," a film directed by Rodriguez compatriot Quentin Tarantino), Gaga moonlighting with a skilled B-movie-inspired director makes a whole heck of a lot of sense. With her Tisch background and over-the-top performances, it's no surprise the singer is up for a few cameos. Is it cray that we were kind of hoping she'd play Joanna Mason in The Hunger Games? Just thinking out loud, here.

Photo: Courtesy of Robert Rodriguez's Twitter

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