Lena Dunham + Zooey Deschanel = Our Surprising Emmy's Must-Watch

Usually, we await red carpet events and massive televised awards shows because, yes, we want to see the dresses. But with this crop of quirky leading ladies getting major Emmy nods, there's a new element to keep our eyes peeled for: cheeky, fun, experimental nail art. Yeah, the MTV crowd has been flashing their manis on the carpet for a while, but with Zooey Deschanel, manicure-extraordinaire, receiving a nod for New Girl, Grammy girls are gonna need to think outside the bottle.
Zooey's pal, Girls' Lena Dunham, has already remarked on the pressure she faces with sharing the nomination with her be-painted friend. She told Vulture, "[Deschanel's] got a lot of nail style. I mean, I have a couple ideas, too. I don’t want to say … I want to shock the world with what I do, and/or be stopped from painting my nails a very strange color by my very smart and crafty publicist." Can she come up with something better than tuxedo nails? (Vulture)
Photo: Via Vulture

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