Exclusive: Taylor Swift Spills Makeup Secrets & Previews Her New CG Ad

When Taylor Swift first emerged on the scene, we got a glimpse of a fiercely talented star with a sweet and girly style that showcased her teen queen status. But as Taylor has grown and matured before our eyes, we've seen a total transformation from the gifted singer-songwriter. In the last year, the golden girl of country has slowly morphed into a burgeoning fashion maven, trying on some very cool new styles that venture outside of her normal aesthetic of sparkly gowns, swinging curls, and romantic makeup.
Playing up this new attitude, Taylor's latest CoverGirl commercial has her trying on a plethora of personas, from boho babe to edgy rockstar. We've got your exclusive first look at the new ad and a behind-the-scenes chat with Taylor as she plays dress up on set. We also scored a Q&A with the sweet-as-pie star, and delved into everything from her thoughts on the evolution of her look and what it was like to shoot that Vogue cover to why you really should avoid using Sharpie as eyeliner. She may have started out all cute and sweet, but we're discovering there's a bit of an edge to Swift, and that's only making us fall more in love with her.

Video still: Courtesy of CoverGirl

Your style has evolved a lot over the years. How would you describe your current look, in three words?
"I think that happens naturally over time, since it's always fun to try out new styles. In three words: classic, feminine, and retro."

Who and what have been the biggest influences on your off-duty style, over the past year?
"I love looking at photos of Ethel and Jackie Kennedy back in the '50s and '60s. Something about that elegance is really lovely and makes me want to dress more like they did. I'd never thought about wearing pearl earrings or head scarves before [being inspired by] them."

Speaking of style evolution, you've really transformed into a sophisticated, style-savvy woman over the past few years. The culmination of that obviously being your Vogue cover. How did you feel about those pictures?
"Seeing my Vogue cover for the first time was a moment I'll never forget. It was a dream come true to be a part of such an incredible shoot. I loved the vintage inspiration and the fact that they let me pose with my instruments and my band for the inside shots. I was so excited to be shooting the cover of Vogue that I let them cut bangs for me at the shoot. It turned out to be one of my favorite changes I've ever made to my hair. Moral of the story: Always trust Vogue.

What's the process that goes through your head when you decide between curly and straight hair? It's so stunning both ways!
"I decide based on what I'm doing on any given day. Lately, I've been doing my hair in a way that's sort of a combination of the two, smooth on top with a loose curl at the bottom. My go-to easy hairstyle at the moment is a ponytail with some kind of headband or scarf."


This CoverGirl commercial is all about transforming your look — which was your favorite look of the variety that you took on, here?
"I really like changing my look around. My hair and make up really determine how I look, and we played around with so many cool looks on the shoot. I really liked the natural one the most, though."

What's the coolest beauty look you've ever tried?
"My favorite looks to try out are the ones I end up sticking with. I love red lips and a cat-eye. That's been my go to for a few years now."

What's the craziest beauty trick you've ever tried?
"I once used a Sharpie as eyeliner in an airplane bathroom because I didn't have any with me. I don't recommend it."

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