A Whole New Level Of Lazy: Introducing The Waterless Shower

We're all for shortcuts, but this is one we hadn't thought of yet. A South African man has invented the world's first waterless shower. The "bath-substituting gel" features germicides, biocides, moisturizers, and bioflavonoids, which, when rubbed on your skin, are said to kill germs and eliminate odor. Because the world desperately needed an excuse not to bathe? Well, kinda, we guess. The creator of this gel, Ludwick Marishane, says that he hopes to have this available to areas of the world where there are extreme water shortages, thereby helping curb the spread of disease.
It's a noble, philanthropic idea, but we see some enterprising beauty company grabbing hold of this and marketing it to the super-lazy denizens of the developed world. And as a beauty aid, we shudder at the idea of this. Can you just imagine what hell teenage boys, already prone to ODing on the Axe body spray, would unleash if they had this at their disposable to cover up B.O.? Here's hoping this product stays true (and exclusively committed) to its original mission and doesn't pop up at your local Walgreens any time soon.(MSN Now)
You tell us: Is this invention the best thing since sliced bread or just another gimmick?
Photo: Via Headboy Industries

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