Would You Wear Clothes Made Out Of Recycled…People?

Dying blows, and not just for you, because you stop living. Did you ever stop to think how annoying that whole body disposal thing is going to be for everyone else? We mean, burying people isn't fun and no one actually wants an urn full of ash around. So, wouldn't it be nice if you could turn your boring old mortal remains into something someone else could enjoy like, say, a snazzy blazer?
That's sort of the question being asked by Kerry Greville a Master's student majoring in textiles at — you guessed it — Central Saint Martins. Apparently, Greville has researched what it would take to transform the deceased into cloth and, from there, chic, versatile separates.
While the technology isn't currently there, to transform the raw materials of you and me into pantsuits and socks, it is, according to her, conceivable and feasible. But that's not really the point.
She had no plans to spin former schoolteachers into double-knit, shawl-collar cardigans. This is, rather, an intellectual exercise meant to help us reassess and reorder our sourcing and consumption priorities. Greville asks, "Can exploration of the material potential of the body provoke debate around material value?" That is, if the cost of fashion to the human environment were expressible in human bodies, would that change its value? Click here to read more — and let Greville know what you think. And head down to the comments to let us know what you think. (Ecouterre)
Photo: via Kerry Greville

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