Guess How Much $$ Gisele Makes For Every Meter Of Runway She Covers

Being an international supermodel is really tough, guys. You have to travel to exotic places most people have never even heard of, get tons of free stuff dumped on you day after day, and, on top of all that, you have the horrible burden of being born with a ridiculous amount of physical appeal. Not tough enough? Your poor little bank account has to take in literally hundreds of thousands of dollars every time you walk a few lousy feet. maybe we're a little green with jealousy over here.
But yes, you read that correctly. After yesterday's announcement that Gisele made the biggest bucks of any model last year (again), Grazia put together a crazy infographic comparing models' annual salaries with the number of meters they walked on the runway over the past year.
A meter is just over 3 ft. Gisele walked 100m and made $45 million last year. Don't stop to do the math, we got you – thats $450,000 for every 3.28 feet of runway she walked. And with those legs? Baby steps. (Grazia Daily)
Photo: Via Grazia Daily

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