Actually, You Can Judge People Based On Their Shoes. Here’s Proof

Recently, a study performed by researchers at the University of Kansas set out to see just how many personal characteristics people can glean from others, just by looking at a picture of their shoes. For fashion fans, this doesn't seem like a huge deal — we work hard to reflect our personality in our clothes. But tell that to your cousin who insists on wearing the same pair of black flats to every occasion imaginable. Well, tell this to your cousin: Apparently, the average person could probably guess your age, political leanings, personality, and whether or not you're a little too clingy in relationships, based on your footwear.
In the study, 63 subjects were asked to look at over 208 shoes, and guessed certain personality characteristics correctly at a 90% rate. Obviously, the more expensive your shoes are, the more likely you earn a higher salary; the more outrageous your shoes are, the more likely you're an extrovert. But, more surprisingly, the more practical your shoes are, the friendlier you are; ankle boots signal aggressive types; uncomfortable shoes mean a calm personality; the more pristine the shoes, the more self-conscious the person.
As for your cousin? People who always wear boring shoes were self-described as 'aloof and repressive' and found it difficult to form relationships. But we don't recommend bringing that up at your next family get-together. (Medical Daily)
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