Clever Makeup Tips For Girls Who Wear Glasses

A great pair of specs can be an awesome accessory—we'll take being called four-eyes any day. But as much as we love their ability to amp up a look, adding some frames to our face sometimes puts a snag in our makeup game. The dilemma? Overdo it and you could end up looking like a sexy librarian gone terribly wrong. Play it too safe and your features disappear. So, to help sharpen up your spec-style, we went straight to renown makeup artist, Bobbi Brown (a glasses-wearer herself), and got her to reveal some fantastically doable tips on how-to don some killer specs and still stay easy on the eyes. Her number one? Eyeliner is essential! Read on for six more of Brown's tips.
Catherine Malandrino fall '11 image courtesy of CND.

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