The ’90s Babes We Wanted To Shoop, Baby

One of the best — or most cringe-worthy, depending on how you look at it — parts of going for the holidays is returning to your old bedroom and taking in all the teenage dreams you plastered over the walls. Hi, New Kids on the Block. Been a while, Mark-Paul Gosselaar and Tiffani Amber Thiessen. Where art thou, Devon Sawa?
Since you don't have much else to do today besides wrap presents, drink eggnog, and try not to visibly roll your eyes when Uncle Red State weighs in on immigration reform, why not use your holiday time to remember the heartthrobs who made the '90s such a dream? Many of them are still bona fide hotties. Some of them, not so much. Either way, they all deserved pin-up status back in the day. Show some respect — and try not to drool.

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