The Best Brow Taming In Chicago

Though you'd like to forget it, the ninth grade tweezer incident that left you browless for much of the spring semester still lingers in the back of your mind. Since then, you've left it to the pros. With so many salons in Chicago offering eyebrow maintenance, it can be really easy to chair-hop without ever really finding your perfect pluck. To that end, we've picked our favorite places to trust your lower forehead to. Whether you're looking for a quick wax, a delicate threading, or (for some reason) you prefer to have someone go at you with tweezers, you'll find your new go-to in this can't-live-without list. Sit back, relax, and know that your face is safe.
Deeba Beauty Salon
Calling something a cheap quickie isn't necessarily the most elegant way to get the point across, but in this case, it gets the job done—literally. Deeba Beauty Salon on Devon Street is a mini-hike North of your usual haunts, but totally worth the trip. For five dollars, and like, five minutes, you can walk in with weeping willows and leave with banzai trees. Beat that. Deeba Beauty Salon, 2752 West Devon Avenue (at California Avenue); 773-465-9685.

Lakeview Threading Salon
The prettiest eyebrows in Chicago cannot stop raving about Pratima, threading goddess-in-residence at Lakeview Threading. Her careful hand and understanding nature will guide you through your threading experience. For the skeptics, she'll reveal her battle plan before she gets to work, to ease you into your eyebrow experience. The $8 price tag is pretty comforting, too.
Lakeview Threading Salon, 426 West Belmont Avenue (at Sheridan Road); 773-348-0250.

Sine Qua Non
Sine Qua Non is full-service, no doubt. We could rave about their mad cut and color skills, but the salon is also known for having skilled, attentive estheticians. Book an appointment before you go, and know that you're about to head into a relaxed, welcoming atmosphere. We're partial to the waxings here, but threading and tweezing services are also available. Bonus: the salon is known for being particularly adept at taming curly hair, so those with twisted tresses might want to book more than a wax. Sine Qua Non, 2766 N Lincoln Avenue (between Kenmore and Seminary avenues); 773-871-2280.

Mireille's Studio
For those who have endured eyebrow nightmares of the acutest kind, simply sitting down in a chair and saying "fix me" might be a little too scary. For a spa-like experience in a calm, soothing environment, where your brows will be tended to with kid gloves, head to Mireille. This appointment-only salon and spa offers a broad range of brow options, including tinting. This is one to keep in your back pocket for hair dyeing adventures gone awry. Mireille's Studio, 49 E Oak Street # 3W (between Rush Street & Michigan Avenue); 312-587-8727.

For the bold, the brave, and those with an unrealistically high tolerance for pain, we suggest a classic brow shaping experience at Benefit's Brow Bar. The browmasters behind the counter are trained professionals, and can spot an eyebrow in need of attention at 20 paces. Nadia is this locale's ace—she'll hook you up. The price tag is slightly higher than what you'd find elsewhere, but your $20 gets you totally trimmed-up and ready for action. The only drawback we see to hitting up this pro spot is that once you're done, you're surrounded by the temptation of new cosmetics (and adorable cosmetic sets, omg). Benefit Brow Bar in Bloomingdales, Bloomingdale's, 900 North MIchigan Avenue (at Walton Street); 312-440-4233.

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