Your Questions For Stylist Kate Young Answered!

Move over, Kate Moss. Stylist Kate Young is becoming the Kate-to-know in the fashion industry, styling everything from runway shows and editorials, to the most magical red carpet moments. In celebration of her new, 100% merino wool line for Cardigan, we held a little digital Q&A with the star stylist. From Facebook, we had you ask Kate your burning questions about her job, her look, and what it takes to be a stylist.
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April Corpuz: "Do you style by intuition or by a lot of planning, research, and forethought?"
Kate Young: "I am a planner by nature, so I'm really organized and methodical about details—but all decisions are just made by instinct. I go with what feels right."
Erika Kumar: "Aztec/African prints for summer. Yay or nay? I just bought a patterned maxi-dress and am trying to figure out whether or not to keep it."
KY: "I like them, but I don't think there's a lot of longevity to the look. It's for this'll be over it next summer. I think it's much easier to wear prints and brights and I love a fresh summer dress that feels right. I would keep the dress. I usually don't wear color or patterns, but in the summer, for the right dress, I change my rules."

Young Designers Limited: "Who was your favourite celebrity to style and why?"
KY: "Natalie [Portman], because we get each other and really respect the other's opinion. She also has a great figure and is really beautiful, which makes it easy!
Miz Chávez: "What do you recommend wearing for rainy spring days? How do I dress for the warm and rain and still look super cute?"

KY: "I love Melissa shoes, especially the designer collaborations like Vivienne Westwood and Jean Paul Gaultier. They're great because they look cool and won't get soggy."
Martyna Jankowska: "What are your top five clothing essentials to buy for summer? What's your favorite new trend for fall?"
KY: "Oh god! Red jeans, a chunky organic-knit sweater, high-waisted wide-leg jeans, a cropped T-shirt, some sort of flat of comfortable sandal that's easy to walk in and looks chic for days outside. For fall, I want a lace-embroidered blouse from Jason Wu.
Reec Jj: "There's something i don't like about stylists and critics—especially critics. Who died and appointed them?"
KY: "Fashion is supposed to be fun. It's not that serious. None of us need new clothes—I don't know anyone who literally wears out their clothes. It's a way of expressing yourself. People enjoy gossip and being mean about other people—I think the critics are just there to make people laugh and feel good about their own tastes."
Maureen Manuel: "How do you pick the people you're going to work with for a photoshoot?"
KY: "I tend to work with people who've I've known for a while—I meet them on jobs—or know them because they were assistants to people I work with who are now working on their own. Sometimes, I look at books on agents' websites just to see who is new and talented."
Danielle Fertig: "How will you transition spring trends to the summer this year?"
KY: "I don't think in terms of trends. I don't have to beacuse I don't work at a magazine full-time. I just work with what I like and what I'm into at the moment."
Kellie Wilson: "Is it okay to mix metals this season as we are putting together our spring/summer wardrobes?"
KY: "I think so—but it totally depends on the look."
Alma Alice Woo: "Hi Kate! How do you prepare for a photo shoot? What advice do you have for an aspiring stylist or for a fashion career?"
KY: "For a shoot, I come up with a concept first with the photographer and magazine. Then, I find reference ideas to inspire me. Next, we call in the clothes, book the model, do hair and makeup, scout locations...all that stuff. I usually do a couple of days of appointments in showrooms to find jewelry and little bits that will fill out the story. Then, we shoot. If you want to be a stylist, I think it's good to learn about art and architecture, and design and fashion. Be able to think about beauty in a way that is bigger than just one season or collection. Then, get some internships with stylists, magazines, and showrooms."
Anna Baum: "How did you become a stylist? What's the official way to get this job?
KY: "I was an assistant at Vogue for a million years. Eventually, they let me style the little pictures (portraits, and things like that). That led to styling some bigger things and doing that for Teen Vogue. After a few years, I went freelance.
Catherine Elifritz-Moncada: "What five pieces of clothing would you take to a deserted island?"
KY: "Do you need clothes on a deserted island? Maybe an Eres bikini, my Cartier wedding ring, a sweatshirt from my line, a big Hermes scarf that I could wear on my head or hips, and some flat leathers from Michael Kors."


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