Jason Wu Moves Upward And Forward With His Gilded Fall 2011 Collection

Upon entrance to Jason Wu's show, guests were immediately greeted by another damned mirrored runway that was the cause for innumerable model falls, broken cameras, and embarrassed showgoers just three seasons before. However, it was different this time—the mirrors were already coated, pre-dirtied and easily walked upon, but gilded and golden and seemed like it was swiped from a smoke-filled ballroom from Vienna, which actually provided an apt metaphor for his whole fall '11 collection. Clothing was beautifully tailored, opulent, and dripping with richness (he used 15 types of lace in the collection), but was also wearable and accessible. Between the Black Swan-esque feather dresses, embroidered jackets, and crisp tuxedo jackets were sweaters, parkas, and trousers in the same impeccable tailoring that Wu is lauded for. From a mirrored snafu to a mirrored dream—the young designer is learning quick, and we're excited to call shotgun for the ride!