Six Scents That Will Make You Salivate

News of any impending designer collaboration just about raises our heart rates enough to count as our cardio for the week, so when we got wind of the latest Six Scents Series Three, we couldn't wait to sniff out the details. Collection curator Joseph Quartana (of Seven boutique fame) chose six designers from six different places that he considers future-greats. Pairing them up with expert perfumers, the designers explored the transition from innocence to experience, recalling intimate childhood memories involving the sense of smell when creating their unique unisex scents to tantalize our sniffers. While goth-king Rad Hourani's 'Ascent' takes noses on a journey from the green and watery ("like a drop of sperm") to baby powder to the warmth of a leather jacket (which also inspired Ohne Titel's 'M') and finally closes with the morbidity of incense, other designers, like Alexis Mabille hone in on more specific times in their lives like being a teenager in France in the '70s. Keeping these sexy individually-numbered, limited-edition scents company in their collectable boxes is an exclusive portrait by Robert Knoke and a DVD with the Six Scents: Series Three documentary and seven short films, including one by Alia Raza that stars Julia Restoin-Roitfeld in a story edited by Tavi Gevinson (talk about a power team!). To make things even sweeter, a percentage of the proceeds from each scent sold will go towards the War Child International charity. Call it a sixth sense but we see these limited edition perfumes selling out fast!
Six Scents Series Three perfumes, $149 a bottle, available Monday, November 8, at The Standard Hotel,848 Washington (at West 13th Street); 212-645-4646.

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