Tavi's Mom Sticks Up For Her Daughter And Loves The Blue Hair!

We might have been sitting behind Tavi at the Herve Leger show (we made her stick our coat on her head for a photo op, in case our tweet wasn't obvious enough), but we were more into chatting up Mrs. Gevinson who was seated right next to us. Unfortunately, she's a little more camera-shy than her daughter, but imagine a petite, Norwegian lady with Tavi's face and glasses, but without the Comme des Garçons coat. Below, Berit lets loose about Tavi's passion, her grades, and what she thinks about blue hair.
Does fashion run in the family?
"Not really! That's the biggest mystery, I don't know where it comes from. I used to read Vogues, but that's about it."
Do you every worry about her?
"Yes, all the time. But Tavi's extremely level-headed. She has something to say, and people seem to want to hear it, and I think it's important for her to be able to do what she loves. I make sure she sleeps enough, eats well, has enough time for homework and everything... [laughs] She'll be fine."
What about her missing school? Is she compromising anything by going to these shows?
"She used to do theater, and to be honest, she hasn't lost as many days to fashion as she has to that. She's a good student, and her grades aren't dropping. She's never sick so she doesn't miss school for that, she loves learning, and she puts a lot of effort into all her projects. There's got to be a balance between play and school, and as her Mom, I make sure that that's there."
Did you know she was going to dye her hair blue? Do you like it?
"There's a rule in our family: No tattoos, no piercings except for a hole in each ear... But hair is just hair. I was surprised at how beautiful it turned out!"

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