The 12 Coolest Fashion Week Invites

Once August hits, NYC mailmen and messengers are working over-time, all in the name of fashion. Publicists, designers, and graphic artists have been sketching, planning, and collaborating—and not just on the shows themselves. Fashion Week invites, while perhaps not as important, have also been on their minds for a goodly while, for what's more representative of upcoming collections than the invitations that precede them? While we got our fair share of standard stock (in one case, a plain xeroxed sheet of paper that wasn't trying to be ironic), there were a couple of missives that caught our eye. The best of the bunch includes fantastical dioramas (Tommy Hilfiger), delicate macaroons (Honor), and a pencil-and-paper set that we can't wait to use (Hexa by Kuho). Maybe they're not so great for the environment, but we've rounded up 12 rad invites that sure look good on our desks.
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Oh em gee, there's an actual feather! Now we need to decide what cap to stick it in.
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Hexa by Kuho:
Now this is something useful! You may catch us around town taking some super-chic interviews with this pencil and notebook set.
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Hexa by Kuho
: It's cute on the outside too!
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This invite has built the brand a TON of pre-show buzz. The macaroons were so delicately delicious, we went off our cleanse for a hot min.
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Jen Kao:
Thick and royal, just how we like it.
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Katie Gallagher:
It's a poster, and guess what? It's already taped above our desk. How's that for advertising.
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Katie Gallagher:
Here it is all unfolded.
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Tommy Hilfiger:
We wish we could have made this cool a diorama in lower school. There's a veritable secret garden of boxwood growing behind a plexi window.
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Tommy Hilfiger:
IA simple box? What Lies Beneath isn't just a movie starring Michelle Pfeiffer and Harrison Ford.
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Rachel Antonoff:
It's a chic English garden party—Liberty of London style.
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Geometric. Bold. Dark. And very, very sexy. What else would you expect after 10 years of style?
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It's a ribbon, no, it's a slap-bracelet. Well, it's kinda both.
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We don't know how they made this spider-weby concoction, but we imagine it took many, many, many cans of Red Bull.
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Alice + Olivia—inside the passport. Lots of pretty stamps!
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The invite is almost as weird as the name of the label. But, hey, the bubble wrap is real fun to poppity-pop!
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Alice + Olivia:
Though the passport thing has been done, we love the faux croc cover we can use after the show.

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