Inspired To Wear More Colour This Season? Follow These 7 Tips

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Trends towards more colourful outfits are on the rise — from the popularity of subtle hues like butter yellow to the TikTok creators asking AI filters and colour theory books for outfit advice. While this may be familiar territory to the maximalist dresser, venturing into colours isn’t always the easiest thing to do. After all, getting dressed in the morning is already hard enough when you don’t have to contemplate which shoes will match your salmon trousers (no matter how fun you thought they were when you first bought them).
But when colours work, they really work. A bright-hued piece can add excitement to an outfit, while also levelling up your style in ways that an all-black outfit can’t. So if you’re partial to capsule wardrobes filled with neutrals but want to give colours a try, there’s no better time than the mood-boosting springtime to do so. 
From securing colourful staples at secondhand shops, to dipping your toe in with muted tones, there are more ways to get into dopamine dressing than going full colour-block. Ahead, find seven tips for wearing more hues that work for you — along with ideas from some colourful content creators. 

Start with muted tones.

From olive greens to powder pinks, muted tones are the perfect gateway colours for neutral lovers. While they’re still pigmented, lighter tones are a lot easier to match with what’s already in your wardrobe and will get loads of cost-per-wear. Eventually, you might dare to pair multiple muted tones together (gasp!) for a subtle, chic look.

Find a familiar style.

Outfit builders like vests, tees and oversized shirts already work for your wardrobe, so why not add one to your rotation that’s, say, bright green? Colour analysts say to gravitate towards what is proven to work for you, and that can also apply to styles and silhouettes. The simpler the better with this hack. Your first step into colour needn’t be a turquoise-printed bomber jacket. 

Accessorise with colour.

Wearing more colour doesn’t have to mean colour-blocking to the max. Colour can still have a big impact while served in smaller doses. Brighten up a monochromatic look with a pigmented handbag, shoes or jewellery. 

Develop a colour palette. 

Develop a go-to colour palette, or several, so you can build outfits more effortlessly. This doesn’t simply mean sticking to cool colours for redheads, or pinks and reds for dark undertones. Keep an eye out for colour combos that you like, then take note for the next time you shop. Pro-tip: create mood boards, save social media posts, and don’t be afraid to try non-traditional pairings. Ultraviolet and lizard green, anyone?

Choose a colourful print.

Although prints don’t always have to be colourful (we see you, leopard print), a print with multiple hues takes the pressure of colour-blocking off your hands. Printed denim allows you to wear colour, but is still pretty easy to style. Meanwhile, a bolder print like a multi-coloured floral blouse or geometrically-printed dress does the heavy-lifting so all you need to do is add neutrals. 

Shop secondhand.

While buying secondhand is an evergreen tip, it’s especially helpful to make less expensive choices when trying something new. Step into any thrift shop and you’ll likely find dozens of colourful pieces, from cardigans, and tops, to handbags and coats. A vintage or secondhand red jumper is the perfect statement piece — plus it’ll always have a story behind it.

Wear a matching set.

A colourful suit or matching set takes all the guesswork out of your colour questions. By opting for a ready-made outfit, you’ll be less concerned about whether the colours go together, and will just have to focus on accessories. When in doubt, add on a neutral-toned handbag and shoes.

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