The Truth About Wedding Night Sex

photographed by Erika Bowes.
Weddings. The whole point of them is for two people to stand in front of their friends and family (and God, if they’re so inclined) and make a lifelong commitment to each other, promising to share their hearts and souls with one another until death do they part.
It all sounds pretty romantic, and the wedding night is supposed to mark the sexy culmination of all this romance. Popular belief – thanks in no small part to film and TV – would have us assume that wedding night sex is all rose petals, big Os and a chorus of angels. But the reality is that this public display of devotion generally involves weeks of stress and, come the big day itself, too much fizz, hours of standing, unending small talk and yes, more stress. None of which is going to get you in the mood.
In fact, a survey by lingerie brand Bluebella found that more than half of newlyweds don’t do the deed at all on their wedding night. As these former brides will confirm, there’s no such thing as perfect wedding night sex.

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