6 Ways To Dress For Wedding Season, According To Instagram

Wedding season is now in full swing. This means weeping at your best friend's first dance, getting chatted up by the groom's drunk uncle, and posing with questionable props in makeshift photo booths. It also means you've got (many, many) outfits to plan.
As is often the case, inspiration can be found on Instagram. From stylists to journalists, we're looking to the fashion crowd to see how they work occasion wear, whether that means a silk kimono for a more laid-back affair or a romantic, floor-length Valentino gown.
Of course, us mere mortals can't hope to turn out a new look for every single wedding we attend (is it just us or does the pile of invitations get bigger every year?), but we can emulate these dreamy get-ups with tried-and-tested brands like Self-Portrait, new favourites like Kitri, and high street heroes like Mango and Zara.
We'll be buying one statement piece to wear time and time again – and not just to weddings, but to birthdays, office parties, you name it – then mixing and matching sweet and statement-making accessories to keep it fresh throughout the season.
Click through to find our favourite wedding guest inspiration, courtesy of Instagram, and the pieces we're nabbing for our own 'dos.