7 Ways To Fake More Space At Home

It’s no surprise to hear that our homes are getting smaller and smaller. Just look to Ikea’s recently launched SUNNERSTA for proof; a £99 stand-alone – and rather flimsy looking – kitchen unit, depressingly designed for the kind of mini ‘studio’ living that renders even a proper kitchen too large. This is the reality city dwellers are having to consider as rents and house prices sky-rocket.
But while our living spaces are shrinking, our tendency to collect ‘stuff’ hasn’t diminished one iota. Which is leaving us with a logistical nightmare when it comes to trying to squeeze our lives and belongings into flats the size of a biscuit tin. Space has become the holy grail of modern living, with extensions, basement excavations and loft conversions at an all-time high. But if you haven’t got a spare 100K plus knocking around, don’t panic. Click through to discover seven quick fixes to fake your way to a more spacious home.

This article was first published October 26, 2016