The Tiny Way The Moon Can Throw Off Your Day

illustrated by Anna Sudit.
For all the noise we make about full moons, eclipses, and other high-profile lunar events, the moon is always on the move. And with those minor movements come very subtle — but extremely common — effects. For instance, if you've ever just felt off only to feel back to normal an hour later, there's a chance a void of course moon was to blame.
As you probably already know, the moon moves through the 12 signs of the Zodiac as it orbits the Earth. It takes between two and three days to move from one sign to another, but when it makes that official transition, there's always a moment when it isn't really anywhere, exactly. At this point, the moon is done projecting its energy through one sign, but still preparing to wield its influence in the next. When the moon is in this astrologically grey area, it's known as a void of course moon — and it can remain as such for anywhere from a couple minutes to a few hours.
These periods are a normal part of the moon's cycle, but that doesn't mean we can't feel them here on Earth. Astrologer Jenni Stone writes that a void of course moon's influence might manifest as an awkward encounter, a moment of forgetfulness, or a sudden need to hit the brakes on a project. The next time you leave your keys at home or completely blank in the middle of a sentence, the moon just might have been void of course. And yes, you can blame the moon for a particular annoyance if you wish.
If you're curious about the void of course moon — and would like to keep track of it the next time your brain feels foggy for no reason — you can check online for its upcoming appearances (there's even an app for that).
Some astrological enthusiasts believe that these stalling properties make the void of course moon a great time to take it easy and just focus on general life upkeep. Rather than initiating any new relationships or signing any binding contracts, tend to your household chores, hang out with friends, and put the final touches on projects you've been ignoring. This is your chance to drift through life, if only for a few hours — that's all the time you need to fold your laundry, after all.
Of course, the moon (or any celestial body, for that matter) shouldn't dictate your every move. But we could all use more time to tackle the minutiae of our daily lives. The void of course moon certainly isn't as flashy as a full moon, but this lunar mini-event can be your free pass to adult in peace for while.

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