Take A Tour Of This Fashion Influencer’s Chic East London Home

In Refinery29’s Sweet Digs, we’re invited into women's homes to see how they’ve made the space their own and curated their surroundings to complement their lifestyle. In partnership with LG, which champions wellness within the home, we discover how our favourite creators are practising sustainability in their daily lives: by caring for their clothes, saving energy and more.
Today, author, podcaster and fashion influencer Lindsey Holland gives us a tour of her east London home, where she has lived alone for the last five months.
When you work from home – especially if you’re a multi-hyphenate with several jobs – it’s natural to want to create a division between work and play while maintaining tranquillity and cosiness throughout. Author, podcaster and fashion influencer Lindsey Holland is getting to grips with this in the spacious, light-filled, two-bedroom home where she’s living alone for the first time.
Mirroring her classic, minimalist taste in clothes, Lindsey’s home has a neutral colour palette and is furnished in timeless materials like chrome and wood. The house’s original features – well-trodden flooring, high ceiling beams and brickwork – create a nostalgic vibe throughout, while her brightly coloured furnishings, trinkets and sunflowers add pops of colour and warmth to the space.
Downstairs at the front of the house is the open-plan living room and dining area – one of Lindsey’s highlights of her home – where she chills out and reads. The back of the house is where she gets down to business, injecting the space with calm through fresh flowers and sources of warm light while she works.
Working mainly with fashion and lifestyle brands as an influencer, Lindsey increasingly aspires to a sustainable lifestyle. In her bedroom, the contents of Lindsey’s wardrobe have evolved in line with her values. The exposed wardrobe makes it easy for her to see all her clothes at once, giving her a greater appreciation of the garments she already owns and reminding her of the precious memories associated with them, like the 'lucky' vintage leather jacket she was wearing when she met her boyfriend.
Caring for her cherished, pre-loved clothes is a priority and Lindsey harnesses LG Clothing Care Solutions to keep them in top form. Every Sunday she washes her clothes using the LG Washing Machine, making use of its ezDispense feature which automatically adds the exact amount of detergent and fabric softener needed depending on the load size, reducing potential fabric damage and saving time, as it lasts for up to 35 washes without refilling. She always uses the TurboWash™ 360° setting, too, as it takes just 39 minutes, saving energy, time and water; and she appreciates the machine’s use of AI DD™ to automatically adjust movement during a wash and protect her most delicate items from damage.
As someone who’s known for making chic dressing look effortless, she also uses the LG Styler to refresh her outfits and reduce creases with a quick steam.
Lindsey says there’s nothing better than having clean clothes and sliding into fresh bedsheets on a Sunday evening, knowing you’ve accomplished your adult tasks for the day and done so in a sustainable way.  
After just five months the house already feels like home and is enabling her to grow into an increasingly sustainable lifestyle – through her sartorial and interiors choices alike.

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