Pregnancy x2? All The Wildest Predictions For Season 4 Of Succession

Roman and Shiv. Photo courtesy of Sky
If, earlier this week, you found the very foundations of your existence shaken via the explosive season 3 finale of Succession, chances are you have a lot of questions.
In a huge twist, amid Caroline’s grand Tuscan nuptials, Logan delivered a crushing decision to sell Waystar Royco to Swedish tech bro Lukas Matsson, leaving the Roy children unceremoniously turned out. Finally, we have succession.
In an attempt to block the sell and maintain control, the desperate siblings – Kendall, Shiv and an initially reluctant Roman – scramble to stage a coup by using their super-majority vote (which they had large stakes in from the divorce settlement from mother Caroline). But of course, as we’ve learned, time and time again, Logan always wins. By the time they arrive, our very own Terminal Tom has betrayed his wife and tipped Logan off, warning him about their plan. Anticipating the showdown, Logan already has Caroline on the phone, redrawn their divorce settlement (nullifying the super-majority vote) – leaving the kiddos up shit creek without a paddle. It is near-perfect television; a satisfying drink of Shakespearean tier psychodrama brutality.
HBO has thankfully already greenlit the next season, and already Twitter is awash with theories. Here are the wildest or most plausible that could play out in season 4 of Succession…

Shiv is pregnant

There’s been a lot of baby talk this season. “I think I’m most horny when you’re most fertile” and “six more ovulation windows until all sex is prison sex” – mostly deranged pleas from Tom before he got his get-out-of-jail-free card. Tom made no effort to conceal he wanted to impregnate Shiv as some weird form of reassurance of his position with the family when he thought he might be going to prison. Could there be a Wambsgans heir on the way? Also let’s not forget all Shiv's no booze tells in the finale episode. We’ll leave these here…

Connor’s mother could make a reappearance

We’re reminded in this episode that Connor has a different mother to Kendall, Shiv and Roman, with his “eldest child” rant. It turns out Logan divorced Connor’s mother when Connor was about eight years old (“I didn’t see Pop for three years but your spoon wasn’t shiny enough?”). While Logan was starting another brood of kids with Caroline, Connor lived with his mother, who in season 2, Roman cruelly jokes at him “my mummy got sent to the booby hatch” (a psychiatric hospital). Now with the “fuck it” engagement between Connor and Willa, could we see the introduction of Connor’s mother in the next season? Which brings us to…
Connor and Willa. Photo courtesy of Sky

Another red wedding

HBO just loves a bloody, knife-in-the-side wedding, like the one we’ve just witnessed. And with Willa reluctantly agreeing to marry Connor in a moment of sheer pity, we could get another dramatic nuptials next season. Hopefully another finale bloodbath.
Tom. Photo courtesy of Sky

The rise of Tom 

If you’ve been suspiciously side-eyeing your partner, as if, at any point, he might thrust the proverbial dagger into your side (à la Tom Wambsgans and Shiv) that’s understandable after the bloodshed we’ve just witnessed. But this one had been brewing potently for the longest time, with Tom positioned as a constant figure of ridicule – the Roy family view him as a spineless social-climber and his wife has actively said to his face “I don’t love you and I’m too good for you” – so why were we even surprised?
Tom has been worming his way into Logan’s good graces since season 1 episode 1 – who can forget the birthday Patek Philippe? – then Logan squeezing Tom on the arm and whispering, “I’ll remember”, when Tom agrees to be the fall guy and go to prison as the blood sacrifice. Or Tom even offering to hold Logan’s “sceptre” and calling him "papa" when he helps him pee during his catastrophic UTI. When Tom finally asks for the loyalty of his Gregweiler/Sporus in a “deal with the devil”, he assures him that he is heading to the “bottom of the top” which surely means, by default, Tom is heading straight to the top. The next season could see this rocky climb, with Shiv no doubt plotting his downfall at every step. Could there be a divorce? Or in a weird sadistic twist of events, could Shiv finally respect Tom for asserting himself?
Logan and Kerry. Photo courtesy of Sky

Logan has another baby

Who else googled the medicinal properties of maca root after the episode? Turns out it increases sperm count, and walnuts improve sperm health (another new snack fave of our patriarch). In the finale, we see Logan periodically chugging on a pretty grim looking smoothie concoction, until Connor susses the contents of it out, declaring: "He's working on his baby batter. You don't tangle with the root unless you're firing up the siege engines…” Kerry has slowly worked her way up from assistant to Logan’s top confidante, to lover. Could mother of hell spawn be next?

We’ll meet Rex Hendon

Earlier in the season when Tom first tells Logan he will take the fall and go to prison, we see him making a mysterious call to one mysterious character Rex Hendon. Later, in the finale we find out that Rex Hendon is the lawyer who rewrote Logan and Caroline’s divorce settlement. Does that mean Tom was looking to get a divorce from Shiv as early as episode three? Or could Hendon just be the family legal top dog? Could a new key player be arising? We’re sure to meet the man in the next season…

Laird takes a pivotal role

Trusted outside banker and advisor to Logan, Jamie Laird has popped up through the series, first making an appearance in season 2, whispering sweet nothings in Logan’s ear that it would be in Waystar Royco's best interest to go private. Roman was the one who called him out, declaring: “There's a 10 to 20 percent chance that you [Laird] make, what, like $100 million here? But if we miss, we could be fucked, because it gets out we're looking at this kind of money, it's going to be politically horrible.” He pops up again when Shiv calls him in the finale and discovers that Logan is selling up: "Laird is inside the deal, but he's been cucked out of the lead, so he's bitter and bleating. GoJo buys Waystar.” As a member of Logan’s inner circle, it’s looking likely we’re going to see a lot more from the blood-sucker in the next season.
Kendall. Photo courtesy of Sky

Kendall goes down for the death of the waiter

“How long was that kid alive before he started sucking in water?” Logan taunts a crumbling Kendall in the episode before, dissolving his resolve, reminding him they will always be bound together. Kendall’s conscience is clearly suffering, and in a landmark emotional scene in the finale, he finally breaks down and admits to his siblings that he is implicated in the death of the waiter at Shiv's wedding. Shiv and Roman are strangely compassionate – if not only for the reason that they need to band together to take down their father. It served their best interest at the time, and now the siblings are royally fucked, it feels like only a matter of time before they turn on each other and it's used as collateral/leverage. Also, let’s not forget that Kendall’s publicist Comfry has told Kendall he's been invited to go on a podcast digging into the many Roy scandals, including the waiter’s death. Bring on season 4.

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