How To Make Your Studio Flat Feel More Spacious

Renting in cities is expensive. Most of us get around this fact by sharing houses and flats with other people, but what if you really want to live on your own?
One way people are dealing with huge rent prices is by living in studio flats. Now, don't get me wrong, the price of a one-room studio flat in London is still likely to be a Very Serious Amount Of Money, but it is likely to be a darn sight cheaper than renting a whole one-bedroom flat to yourself. Turns out, a lot of being a millennial is learning to look on the bright side of pretty crappy situations.
Luckily, plenty of people are in the same boat, which means that plenty of people, both in retail and the DIY industry, have come up with ways to make studio flats feel less like one small room where you sleep, cook and watch Netflix, and more like a full flat for a grown-up person – by using room-dividing techniques.
To help you out we've decided to bring you a few of our favourite examples, and instructions for how you can get the same effect in your studio flat.

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