8 Examples Of Perfect Clutter

In this life, you fall into one of two camps: minimalist or maximalist. Do you find it impossible to leave the house without coming back with at least three completely unnecessary items? Then you, my friend, are a maximalist. You know damn well you really don’t need another salt cellar/ teacup/ pair of earrings/ insert current obsession here, but somehow, they end up in your possession. If, on the other hand, you’re the type who owns one nail polish, hates shopping and doesn’t see the point in cushions then yep, you guessed it, you’re a minimalist.

Sometimes, hoarders (sorry, maximalists) might dabble with the other side, trying their best to edit their wardrobe down to a capsule, chucking out stacks of favourite magazines, or clearing surfaces of beloved collections.

The barometer of fashion is currently favouring minimalism (blame the Scandinavians) and we’re being told that our stuff is now clutter. Stuff = bad. But collectors and lovers of things, do not despair, because the needle is slowing swinging back the other way, so embrace your inner (or outer) hoarder. These eight rooms show why having stuff rocks…

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